The Irresistible Charms Of Southern Women
What is The Key To Being Irresistible?


Last night my boyfriend said these words to me as we were talking about our courtship.

"Your resistance was irresistible to me."
    Have you been a good girlfriend, yet do not feel completely adored by a man or your man?
    Have you been guilty of giving too much too soon?
    Are you the pleaser in relationships, the one that always bends?
    Do you often feel taken for granted?
    Have men ever just ignored you for reason's you don't understand?

    No matter what they tell you, men love it when you drive them crazy. They love it!  Men feel very much alive when they are crazy with passion and interest for a woman who consumes their attention.  Have you ever heard that less is more?  In my book, The Irresistible Charms of Southern Women, I will show how the less is more concept actually bonds him to you like glue.  Offering up resistance challenges a man.  Men love a challenge.  In this book, you will see how to be a challenge without pushing him away.  You will discover how to effortlessly attract a man and keep his interest by offering up a little Southern Resistance.

    Reader Comments:

    just read the book, aside from giving my an awful hankering for fried chicken, I've just realised I put all my eggs in his basket WAY TOO EARLY, may be different baskets but its the same eggs. Ruth

    Your book is brilliantly written and it takes off all of fluff and stuff for women and gives them the insights they wished they knew. There are some lines that made my jaw drop and I found myself actually wanting to memorize those lines because they are so unforgettable. A total must read for all women in any stage of relationship!! Nicole Gayle

    Absolutely a "MUST" read. Could not stop reading it all makes PERFECT sense. Cindy H.

    Heather said: Robin~ LOVED LOVED your it's all starting to make sense....